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Wednesday, February 20, 2008,10:49 AM
The Start
Hi All

This is the first time I try to write something - unless you can count some foolish tries when i was younger -.

I don't know what made me start writing, some of my friends have been asking to do it for a Long time but i never felt like it, but some moment comes and you feel like this is, you are writing, you writing not because you want to write, but because you don't want to sit alone, you don't want to sit to your thoughts ravishing your head, tearing your internals apart, at that moment you may grab your pen (Keyboard Nowadays) and start typing.

A lot has been going on with me these past days, some of them are happy and others are not. but life goes on, and it doesn't stop for you, it keeps running, doesn't wait for you, doesn't wait till you recover from your sadness or depression, As if it is telling you "You Fool, what do you think of yourself? Do you think you are someone special? Do you think just cause you are a little depressed and thinks that your life is bad that the whole Universe will stop and wait for you till you get better? Get Up and move on no one is going to wait for you, Catch Up."

So why don't we listen and catch up?, because we are humans, and we are all some how to a degree self-centered we all -To a level Of course- think that that whole universe is created around us and to serve us, and because we are humans we have feelings, feelings that can block our logic and make us do things we may not approve for other people, like falling apart and lagging behind.

See that at any Funeral we call go to the dead's relative and we ask him to hold himself together and be a man, etc etc etc to the end of all that nonsense, see anyone of those who are saying all that when someone dear to him dies, you won't find him as he was asking the other to be, you will find him crying, depressed and maybe destroyed. that is not wrong, it is the core of the right because that is what makes us humans, that is what makes us different from Rocks and Mountains.

As you may have noticed, i am not someone, i am someone different, I haven't reached a conclusion about myself yet, but i am trying and all I have reached is that i am different than others, different from the Bulk, that may be good and may be bad, but it is me, and i have learned to live with it.

Thanks for the time that you spent reading those meanings lines, if they helped you to create and Idea about me please don't hesitate to share with me, all ideas are welcomed may be you will help me to define myself one day.
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