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Friday, March 7, 2008,3:55 PM
We Were Great Once
I am not the kind you take as an obvious religious person - i am not saying this because i am proud of it or because I like it but this is how I at least see myself -, So this topic is not from a view of one of those nice people who are sure of themselves, it is from an average person.

Today when I wake up - at 12.20 am - my mother was watching the TV, and my computer was not free so i said why don't I share her, and on the screen was a movie I have seen a lot before Al-Ressalah or The Message, and the wonderful movie took me, then a scene came up, The one of Badr battle, the one where Saidona Hamza was standing along with Saidona Ali and Saidona Obaida - Radia Allah 3anhom game3an - to meet 3 of the strongest warriors of their enemies by then.

I Don't know why, but I felt like crying, those were our ancestors, those are - and deserve to be - our role models, we were strong once before, we were as Muslims filled with believe to stand in front of the wrong and say no, even though we were much less in numbers and much less in equipments, but we were much more in belief, we had an inner strength enough to shake the mountains itself.

We were much more more great once before, we were worthy of the name a Muslim, there was a time when it is enough pride to you to hold your head high and say " I am A Muslim " and that is not because you have the power or the money or the authority, but because you had the belief, and because you belonged to something bigger, you had a bigger purpose in life than to live your life, you had a life time target, an endless group life time target.

And I am not talking about the time when Islam was a great empire that extended among the horizon of the globe, i am not talking about the time when the whole system was Islamic, I am talking about the time when Muslims were a minority, when they were kicked outside their homes, living abroad, when they were weak in all eyes except theirs because no one else saw the strength of their believe.

They deserved to be called Muslims, they suffered a lot not to be mentioned in history books, not to the glory, but because they believed.

Now we are all called Muslims, but do we deserve to be called this, we are now humiliated all around the world not because the world is a bad place waiting to eat us, but because we went bad, we went weak, we - or most of us - lost the source of their inner strength, we are in a real world, you are what you make of yourself, you are not what your ancestors were, you are living today, What Are You??

And Since it all started with the movie I will Quote the comment written on IMDB by an user there on the movie page.
most amazing experience, 10 October 2004
Author: marialette from Northumberland

I saw this film when I was working and living in Brussels in 1979. Most of my friends were North African, ergo Muslim. When this film came out, we all went to the Bourse Cinema. The film itself was very enlightening, and the fact that Mohammed himself was never 'in the picture' (so to speak) I found contributing to the profoundness of the film. What really struck me was that when in the film religious (holy) verses (like psalms) were sung or played, the whole audience would reverently sing along. Very moving.

Of course, it was 25 years ago, and I cannot remember a lot of it, but it was my first encounter with Islam and made a major impact.

This is just a small sign for those who thinks that the outside world is all waiting to eat us alive, people see you as you show yourself to them.

I wrote the first Sentence in this topic for a reason, I am not that good, I am not the perfect one nor by any means near to it, it is just a surge of thoughts i had and i felt like writing down.

I am really sorry but I ask you not to comment on this subject, these are personal feelings, very personal in my case, so please forgive me for asking.
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