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Wednesday, October 17, 2012,10:33 AM
It has been somehow a strange week.
Things are getting weird in some aspects, overloaded in others and promising in others.

It is really strange how our prospective of life around us, and how we interpret the same events, in totally different ways maybe even opposites.

When you are happy you see the world through those bright, colorful glasses, everyone around you is smiling, and in just a few moments when your mood changes, those glasses dims, and the colors vanish, everyone around you is gloomy, you seem to shutdown and the whole world follows you.

Nothing around us is definitive, there are just so few certainties in our daily lives.

I have some work to do today, But as usual I am not doing any, it is accumulating and accumulating, I should be really doing it.

Our own Fears are our greatest barriers, they just hold us back, they make us miss on the experience we chicken out on, either it is the fear of getting hurt, the fear of disclosing and opening up or the fear of being misunderstood and above all the fear of not knowing what we really know, the moment we learn how to conquer those fears, or at least ignore them, that we really start experiencing life, yes of course we most probably we will get hurt, we will be misunderstood, and we might never know what we really want, but It most of the times will be worth it, the experience, the joy and Ride of it will outweighs the consequence if not at least compensate it.
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