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Sunday, October 21, 2012,2:47 PM
Personal Experinces
Today, I was out to hang out with a friend of mine, and I met an American Guy who has been in Egypt during the revolution, he was there in the square and the major events after it.

I rarely talk about what it was like to be there, as a doctor or as a citizen, it is something just too personal for me to share, when people ask me I just reply their questions, they can’t understand, how it was like to be there, how ready each one there was ready to give up everything, for the idea or even the dream of a better country, for the normal people it is just an amazing thing, A really good amazing point in History where people take actions.
It was not that, it was THE moment when I felt really Egyptian, THE moment where you start building your country in your head as the best place in the world despite all the limitations and the problems it has right now, it was THE moment when all those patriotic songs just made sense, it was THE moment where you can trust anyone else beside you because he is just Egyptian and THE moment you care for your opponents and just wish they understand you more and you are more keen that they come to your side and join your dream than to actually beat them and be victories, it was THAT moment and much much more, it is still just too personal to share honestly.

Today I was blabbing with this guy, I honestly don’t remember his name, but it was such easy to talk with him, I realized how much I missed talking about it, it is much easier to talk to people when you know your personal experiences will fall into context with them, maybe that is why all the support groups just work.

I don’t know if I was bragging, disclosing or just the need to relive those moments with a fellow who has been through the same, But I really felt like talking and I really enjoyed it.
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